Conflict is bound to occur in high-energy, fast-paced environments such as schools and school system offices.  EVAPIT! helps your team to evaporate conflict as soon as it surfaces, and create trusting relationships that lead to positive change.

EVAPIT! is an acronym for the six steps needed to de-escalate conflict and build trust in any environment:

  • Empathy (Understanding and identifying with people’s feelings)
  • Validation (Helping people feel seen and heard)
  • Ally-ship (Using a team-orientation to address the issue)
  • Problem-solve (Exploring solutions together)
  • Implement (Putting collaboratively-designed solutions into action)
  • Talk (Talking about what got implemented)

EVAPIT! builds on the most powerful evidence-based strategies for addressing conflict and building powerful trusting communities, including: Harvard Business School’s Conflict Resolution Program, Restorative Justice Strategies, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and research from Brene Brown and Tony Bryk.

To learn more about EVAPIT!, click here to see a short 6 minute ‘Popcorn’ Presentation.

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