DARE Photo - trust fall

The person on the right is feeling resentful and has crossed his arms. Now, his teammate is going to fall!! And it is going to hurt.

Does it sometimes feel like there is more frustration than joy in your workplace? Are misunderstandings or disagreements derailing some of your best efforts to help students and teachers succeed? You are NOT alone. These issues often stem from a lack of trust across the community – and it plagues many schools throughout our nation. It is also solvable!

DARE Consulting provides professional development and coaching tailored specifically for your community that will help you nip conflict in the bud and foster teams where trust, collaboration and productivity thrives.

Workshops include (but are not limited to):

  • Moving beyond frustrating conversations with the EVAPIT! System
  • Professional Learning Communities that Inspire Trust, Creativity and Action
  • Providing Feedback in Ways that Lead to Action
  • Continuous Improvement to Foster Leadership, Innovation, and Positive Change

Interested in getting a quick assessment of the levels of trust in your community? Need some basic strategies to help you strengthen the climate in your community? Click below to schedule a 20, 30 or 60 min complimentary advisory conversation.

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