Continuous Improvement

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Teachers and education leaders have countless ideas for how to improve schools. Yet, most initiatives for change come from outside entities that don’t always understand the capacity, personalities, or unique context of each community. As a result, many change initiatives lose steam and fail to create the meaningful outcomes once promised.

DARE  Consulting reverses this trend by putting educators in the drivers seat of change. Using the DARE TO LEAD Central Office or School Transformation System, communities engage in a continuous improvement change process that builds on the knowledge, skills and ideas of the people who work there. DARE works with each individual community to identify a shared vision for success, and then helps each team implement small, achievable changes that can help to realize that vision. In doing so, the change process feels easier, more manageable, and leads to lasting results for schools.


If you are interested in learning more about how Continuous Improvement can be integrated to help you achieve higher levels of success, click below to schedule a complimentary advisory conversation.

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